The New Moon

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English: This is an image of the planet Uranus...


A shepherd in Nairobi was the first to see it. Within 12 hours, the entire world knew about it. The outlets of news and information services via television, radio and internet weren’t necessary for everyone to know something was different.

All one had to do was look up.

Earth had a new moon.

This moon, however, wasn’t formed the way all moons are formed. Moons typically are objects captured by a planet’s gravity such as asteroids or other, smaller planets.

This moon was different and it was obvious. Our moon glows from light reflected off its surface from the Sun. This new moon shined.

   The reason was obvious: it was metal. Not a hunk of metal that was a conglomerate as a result of eons of collisions between chunks of rocks colliding to ignite the formation of metals. No, this was artificially made.

A pair of strong binoculars showed the new moon had no irregularities. It was perfectly smooth, but there were a few blotches rotating by that looked like remnants from collisions with other, smaller, less fortunate objects. The moon spun on it’s axis at around 500 miles per hour — about half as fast as the earth spins. Readings showed that the object was not solid, but it was hollow to some degree.

What it was made out of left scientists and astronomers baffled. It was made of something not on the periodic table.

We think of Earth as being round. It is not. It is actually an oblate spheroid. It is wider around the equator than it is around the poles. Think of a ball that has been squashed slightly on its top and bottom.

This moon was a perfect sphere.

It was apparent that we were about to have first contact. They, someone, was here.

Many thought it was a Death Star. The terrifying battle station made famous by the Star Wars movies created by George Lucas. However, this visitor to Earth had little resemblance to the object of Lucas’ creation, save that it was enormous and made of some type of metal.

   The world was in utter disbelief. Who made it? How did it get here? What was it? And, most importantly, what were its intentions?



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