The Broken Ankle Chronicles: Day 8 – Now with LEGOs

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LEGO Star Wars Republic Starfighter

Well, I’ve had the broken ankle for over a week now. The swelling and pain are going down. The foot itself resembles the fur of an albino calico cat: a mottled collections of blues, greens and pasty white skin. I’ve found that I can put a little more weight on it everyday.

I’m down to my last day’s supply of oxycodone. After that, I’ll be subjected to everyday ibuprofen like everyone else. I’ll miss you my friend.

So, some of you are probably wondering by now what the above picture of the LEGO set is for. My wife is a frequent window shopper on Groupon. While perusing the latest offers last week, she found one from a company called Pleygo. They are basically a Netflix version of LEGOs.

You have a large variety of sets to choose from depending upon what package you have. You put the ones you like on a list, and they ship them directly to your door within 2-3 days. The Groupon deal my wife got was 2 months for $10. Perfect for me, since that’s about the amount of time it’ll take me to recover from the broken ankle.

So, she bought the deal, I set up my account on Friday and added about fifteen sets to my wishlist. On Monday, FedEx delivered the first one right to my door. It came in shipping similar to a pizza box. The bricks and instructions were enclosed in fat envelope of red tissue paper with the bricks contained by a large Ziplock bag.

Over the past few days as I have lain on the couch, I worked on putting it together. As a kid (and adult), I’ve always found joy in playing with LEGOs. So, this gift from my wife will help me pass the time while I’m recovering.

If you’re a parent reading this, and your kid is into LEGOs, this is a great way for them to build many different varieties of sets, while lessening the possibility of stepping on a little, black square LEGO piece.

I can’t wait until I get my next set.

You can check them out at


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