The Broken Ankle Chronicles: Day 6

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My wife got me out of the house on Sunday for the first time since I saw the doctor last week. I was getting stir-crazy, and she knew exactly what I needed.
We drove up 49 towards Asheboro with the intention of having lunch at a little diner at Baden Lake. It advertised some nice sounding sandwiches with a lakefront view. When we got there, it was closed.


At that point, we were more than halfway to Asheboro. So, we decided to drive the rest of the way and eat there. We had a platter at a Cookout, but abstained from the eggnog milkshake.
The times that I ride in a car are very rare. I’m usually the one behind the wheel. When that happens, I miss a good part of the scenery. Not this day.
The route rides mostly straight between Harrisburg and Asheboro. There is a lot of farmland, and even a random cotton field. The hilly terrain reminded me of my home in West Virginia. The only thing missing were the mountains towering above the horizon.
Later that evening, I did something that I used to do frequently, but rarely do anymore: drew a picture. Enjoy.



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