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The Broken Ankle Chronicles: Day 34

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   We made it. My walking boot and I, that is.
   My wife and I had this trip to Edisto Island in South Carolina planned for months, and I wasn’t going to let a broken ankle stop us from coming.
   The first morning of our stay, we were greeted with torrential downpours. However, the clouds gave way to sunny skies in the afternoon and warm temperatures. We sat on the beach for a little over an hour.
   We have to leave early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, but any trip to Edisto, no matter the length and weather, is always worth it.
   The good news is, I should be able to go without the walking boot one week from today.


Insight into an a writer’s mind from Arthur C. Clarke

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“There is no way of demonstrating that a writer is neglecting his job; even his snores are deafening, his subconscious may be hard at work.”

– Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C Clarke in his home office in Sri Lanka
Arthur C Clarke in his home office in Sri Lanka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Broken Ankle Chronicles: Day 23

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I’m officially more than halfway through with the six week recovery from my broken ankle. Much of the pain and swelling has gone away. I can put a like weight on it, but gingerly and not for too long. I believe I’m on target to be able to go without the walking boot at the six-week mark, January 6th. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Moon

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English: This is an image of the planet Uranus...


A shepherd in Nairobi was the first to see it. Within 12 hours, the entire world knew about it. The outlets of news and information services via television, radio and internet weren’t necessary for everyone to know something was different.

All one had to do was look up.

Earth had a new moon.

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The Gift of EA: The Run Down On Gift Cards, Gift Bags & Prizes

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Can’t stop playing…

The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

Hey Howdy Hey I mean Gift Grabbers!

Snow has arrived in Springfield & is it just me or is anyone else have Déjà vu? Christmas looks a lot like Halloween (sort of).  Instead of the creepy mist, Ghosts, Gremlins and GOO, Christmas brings us snow, gift boxes, gift bags and gift cards (Geez..what’s with all the G words EA?!)  Confused yet?  Don’t be…as always the Addicts team is here to help!  We’ve got you covered, so that plus the 4 weeks you have to play the update should help you achieve all of the goals!  Let’s get right to it by breaking down the “game inside the game”.

If we were Ghostbusters at Halloween we’re Gift Grabbers for Christmas, because that’s what EA is asking you to do here.  The object is to “grab” (tap) gifts in your town to collect Gift Cards and other goodies.  Gift Cards are the…

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