The Broken Ankle Chronicles: Day 3

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ReebokPump   There was no Day 2 of the Broken Ankle Chronicles. Most of that was spent in a hydrocodone stupor. I probably couldn’t have have put five words together on a page. So, we press forward with Day 3.

The pain in my ankle has subsided a bit. Most of the problem I have is with the swelling as a result of the actual sprain. While there is a throbbing pain that comes from my ankle bone, the problems I have in getting around stems from swelling — that I’m blaming on the sprain — and the actual walking boot.

The walking boot is really an interesting piece of equipment. Designed to keep my leg from having too much side-to-side motion while the fracture in my fibia heals, I find it fun that it uses a technology that I had as a part of my shoes in the early 1990’s.

Yes, the old Reebok Pump line of shoes. I remember getting a pair in elementary school and I was so proud of them. I thought I would be the best athlete on the playground armed with my blue and white shoes that increased how well the shoe clung to my foot.

I busted the left one the first time I played kickball. That was a sad day. Deflating to say the least (pun intended).

My walking boot has a similar setup. It has a large, gray circle on the tongue (the pump) and a release valve next to it. There are four straps to the boot, and when you pump it up, it helps keep my foot stabilized better.

I’ll have to wear this boot for another 5 1/2 weeks. I’ll just have to try to remember not to play kickball in the meantime.


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