The Journey of writing a new novel begins here

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EdwardTeachIt’s been 4 1/2 years since I published A Murder In Concord. It was a murder mystery based in Concord, NC that the University of North Carolina named as a Notable Book set in North Carolina. It was a lot of fun to do, and a little different experience from the first novel I published in 2006, Moment of Impact.

With A Murder In Concord, I had the opportunity to do a couple of book signings that generated a lot of interest in the community. I sold enough books to pay for a couple nice dinners for my wife and I. Getting a book published doesn’t make everyone rich. There are a select few with the talent and ideas for broad appeal to do that.

Almost before the ink dried on A Murder In Concord’s only printing, I was busy on a sequel. I got to a point with the story of the sequel that I felt it was getting a little too violent for my tastes. So, I set it aside and created WVUPros, which went on to spawn Doing that, I published hundreds of articles mostly regarding sports. I have had appearances on ESPN Radio and have had a feature NFL Draft article published in the WVU football preview magazine, The Signal Caller. I’ve been published in the Register Herald in Beckley, WV and recently started doing some freelance work for the Charlotte Observer. 

I’ve had a lot of fun growing in this craft, and with the people I’ve met and helped while doing WVUPros and ProsReport. But there’s always been something missing. That feeling that I want to be able to sink my teeth into something much, much bigger than a 1,000 word article. I missed the feeling of crafting a story and creating characters to send on a journey.

Amid working a full-time job and creating and managing content for ProsReport, I decided to take another stab at writing another novel. The only problem I had was: what to write? I thought it and thought about it, but couldn’t come up with anything.

We were on vacation on Edisto Island a couple of months ago, I was doing some research on the early history of that area. At the same time, I came across something about the world’s most infamous pirate that made me want to dig a little deeper.

I went to some of the locals on the island and drove out to a spot that had been destroyed over 300 years ago. During that week, it hit me. THE idea.

This idea has a broad appeal that my other novels lacked. While I love those stories, and they will always be dear to my heart, this one gives me the opportunity to create some new characters, go to real places, reveal some little known history about the settlement of the New World, let the protagonist from my other novels, Lucas Caine, grow and possibly start a series.

Over the coming months, I’m going to take you on my journey of writing this novel. I get asked often about my writing process. I’m different from many writers in that I don’t write down a plot outline. Believe me, I’ve tried. What I’ve found is that doing that takes some of the fun out of crafting a story.

What I do is keep the entire plot in my head. As my novel progresses, and the layers start to come together, it is very fun to start to peel those layers back and reveal the mysteries set forth in the beginning. Sometimes, I find that certain plot points aren’t going to resolve themselves as I’d originally planned, or I think of a better, more surprising way to do it.

This novel I’m working on may never get published. That’s the stark reality of this business. I believe it’ll happen, but I’m not going to bank on that. If I finish this journey, and the novel is going to sit on my hard drive, I’ll release it one chapter at a time. For those that follow me on this journey, that is my promise. In some way shape or form, you’ll read the culmination of my efforts.

In the past month I’ve done more research than I ever have before, on anything.

Oh, I haven’t told you the idea. From the research that I’ve done, and the pieces from the distant past I’ve put together, we’re going to find Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure. Think Dan Brown meets Clive Cussler: real places, real history, modern adventure.

So, follow along. This is going to be a lot of fun.



One thought on “The Journey of writing a new novel begins here

    Jeni Chappelle said:
    November 18, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Sounds intriguing! I coach authors, and I’m always excited when a writer sets out on a new adventure. Best of luck!

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