Country Roads take me home

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Kanawha Falls
Kanawha Falls in West Virginia

I spent the first 20 years of my life living in West Virginia. I loved my childhood in the state full of beautiful locales. I traveled throughout the state growing up and saw many of the parks, lakes, rivers, national forests and lakes.

Circumstances and health concerns led me to move to South Carolina just before I turned 21. I moved to the Greenville area in the Upstate. Near there were many areas that reminded me of home. Jones Gap, Chimney Rock and Caesar’s Head to name a few.

I met the woman who would shortly become my wife soon after moving to the area. We lived in the Greenville area for five years and enjoyed the aforementioned areas from time to time.

In 2005, we moved to Concord, NC just outside of Charlotte. The area is well removed from places that make me feel like I’m home in West Virginia. You need to travel two hours west to find the Appalachian Mountains from where we live. To the east, about an hours drive, is Mount Uwharrie. It’s okay, but not like home.

We have lived in Concord for eight years now. It’s where we live, but it has never felt like “home”.

My wife and I traveled to WV July 4th weekend. The reason for our trip would keep us busy Friday through Sunday, leaving us little time to enjoy the area and visit friends and family.

As we entered Virginia and began the climb to higher elevation, I realized that it has been years since I traveled to West Virginia to enjoy the area I loved growing up.

If circumstances ever permit, we have considered moving back. During our weekend visit, it just felt right.

My parents recently moved into a new home in the Summersville Lake area. It sits out in a field, at the end of a gravel road, removed from the main road.

They have a large front porch looking out over the field and surrounding forest. They see a lot of lush greenery from the rocking chairs. Very different from where I’ve lived in recent years.

As my dad and I sat out there one morning, the only sounds we heard were occasional bird chirps and rustle of leaves. The temperature in the air was pleasant and it wasn’t humid — a far cry from the sticky southern summers. It was a very nice morning.

At one point, my dad pointed towards the tree line to the right of the field and whispered, “Look, there’s a deer. Do you see it?”

I did and smiled. Country Roads had indeed taken me home.


3 thoughts on “Country Roads take me home

    twotravelingtwits said:
    July 14, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    I love the mountains too. The slow ride through Ohio and Pennsylvania on my last adventure was very calming. There is something about the air in the mountains and at the beach that is just different from the rest of the country. I lived in Concord in 2012 for just a few short months and I spent a few months in Akron this year. I can tell you that I am no big city girl. A short visit and my curiosity is complete, take me back to the little town I love. I loved the article.

    […] Country Roads take me home ( […]

    Broomgrass--an organic farm community said:
    July 15, 2013 at 3:38 pm

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    So popular is Broomgrass’s natural beauty and concept of preservation that only 2 of its 16 homesites remain available for purchase.

    Learn more about this innovative community which preserves agricultural farmlands and fields yet provides a spectacular home setting for you and your family to enjoy.

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